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Methanol/ethanol distillation unit

Product description
This device is suitable for the recovery of dilute alcohol in the pharmaceutical, food, light industry, chemical and other industries. It is also suitable for the distillation of other solvents such as methanol. According to user requirements, this device can distill dilute alcohol at about 30°C to 90°C-95°C alcohol. The higher the alcohol content of the finished product, the higher the reflux ratio, but the output will decrease accordingly. The W type can also be used for distillation of methanol and the like. W type is batch type, ZW type is continuous type.

Technical parameter
Model Tower diameter 30º-40º feed production capacity 60º-80º feed production capacity
(mm) 90º <95º 90º <95º
W-200 ¢200 35 26 45 36
W-300 ¢300 80 61 100 80
W-400 ¢400 150 120 180 140
W-500 ¢500 230 185 275 220
W-600 ¢600 335 270 400 320
ZW-200 ¢200 95 >95º  60 110 >95º  80
ZW-300 ¢300 200 120 240 165
ZW-400 ¢400 360 230 420 300

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