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Spiral plate heat exchangers need to pay attention to heat dissipation issues

Spiral plate heat exchangers will cause fouling due to various reasons during use. After fouling, it will have some impact on the heat dissipation of the equipment. So how can we solve this heat dissipation problem?
The scale on the surface of the spiral plate heat exchanger has caused a major change in the heat dissipation effect. We have to take certain measures for this change. The good measure is to prevent the occurrence of fouling.
The method to prevent the fouling of the spiral plate heat exchanger is as follows:
1) Strictly control the water quality during operation. The water in the system and the softened water in the softening tank must be subjected to strict water quality tests, and then the water can be injected into the pipe network after being qualified. 
2) When the new system is put into operation, the spiral plate heat exchanger should be separated from the heating system, and after a period of circulation, the heat exchanger should be incorporated into the system to prevent impurities in the pipe network from entering the heat exchanger .
3) In the heating system, the decontamination device and filter should be cleaned irregularly, and the pipe network should be kept clean to prevent the spiral plate heat exchanger from clogging. Cleaning in strict accordance with the cleaning method of the heat exchanger can also prevent the generation of scale on the heat exchanger equipment to a certain extent, which can effectively ensure the normal operation of the central heating production.

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