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Characteristics of heat transfer oil in stainless steel reactor

Stainless steel reactor heat transfer oil is also called heat transfer oil, and its formal name is heat carrier oil, so it is also called heat transfer oil, thermal kerosene, etc. Let's take a look at the characteristics of the reactor together.
Heat transfer oil is a kind of heat transfer medium. Because of its uniform heating, accurate temperature control, high temperature under low vapor pressure, good heat transfer effect, energy saving, convenient transportation and operation, it has been widely used in recent years. It is used in various occasions, and its use and dosage are increasing. As an industrial heat transfer medium, heat transfer oil has the following characteristics:
Under atmospheric conditions, a very high working temperature can be obtained. That is, the working pressure and safety requirements of the high-temperature heating system can be greatly reduced, and the reliability of the system and equipment can be improved. It can meet the process requirements of heating and cooling at different temperatures in a wide temperature range, and it can also use the same heat transfer oil in the same system to meet the process requirements of high temperature heating and low temperature cooling at the same time. This can reduce the complexity of the system and operation.
The heat transfer oil in the stainless steel reactor omits the water treatment system and equipment, improves the thermal efficiency of the system, and reduces the maintenance workload of equipment and pipelines. This can reduce the initial investment and operating costs of the heating system. If the system leaks due to an accident, the heat transfer oil may burn when exposed to an open flame. Compared with steam systems, this is a problem with heat transfer oil systems. But in the case of no leakage in the stainless steel reactor, since the heat transfer oil system works under low pressure conditions, its operational safety is higher than that of the water and steam system.
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