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Solution to the loosening of tube shell of tubular condenser

Tube-and-tube condensers are classified into carbon steel tube shell-type condensers, tube-tube condensers, stainless steel and carbon steel tube-and-tube condensers according to their materials. Its mixed form is mainly based on fixed tube-sheet tube-and-tube condensers, floating heads, U-tube heat exchanger, the structure is divided into single tube pass, double tube and tube, heat transfer area 500-0.5 square meters, can be customized according to user needs, shell and tube condenser advantages, non-polluted cooling water II The secondary steam can be recovered, because the water in the condenser does not have the impact sound of a closed water cycle. The external water impact sound in contact with the cooling water used by the hydraulic ejector is not limited by space. It can also be installed horizontally and vertically. With the limitation of the height of the atmospheric condenser (atmospheric condenser installation height of 10.5 meters), the cooling effect is not worse than that of the direct condenser, and it is easy to control.
The heat transfer area of ??the tube and tube condenser must be sufficient, otherwise it will be difficult for all the secondary steam to enter the condenser for cooling, so that the evaporation temperature will reduce the capacity of the shell and tube condenser. Here, in addition to the appropriate selection of the condenser heat transfer coefficient, in the calculation The heat transfer area of ??the condenser directly affects the influencing factors of heat transfer, and the influence of the multi-effect evaporation equipment on the shell side of the shell and tube condenser is condensed from the condenser, and the condenser shell side condensed together, due to the condensate shell The body temperature is higher than the temperature of the condenser shell side, and the vacuum degree is high. The condensate on the condenser shell side releases a certain amount of heat due to the evaporation of condensed water. This part of the heat transfer area of ??the condenser should be included in the calculation.
Sometimes we find that the shell and tube material of the tube and tube condenser is open from the shell and tube, which indicates that the wall is broken and the nozzle material is leaking. From the nozzle, the shell and tube condenser exposes the steel shell, and the inside of the shell and tube is uniform. Distribution, and the two ends welded to the two ends of the shell, the shell tube will not be affected by external forces. However, these condensers have not been used for a long time, and the corrosion damage mentioned above is not too serious. Therefore, pipeline leakage is only considered part of the quality of steel pipes.

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